Amerex Fire Suppression Systems Tacoma, WA

Amerex Fire Suppression Systems

Amerex Fire Suppression Systems Tacoma, WA

As an authorized distributor of a variety of Amerex fire suppression systems, AmeriSafe has been installing Amerex fire suppression systems in Tacoma since 2001. As a family-owned and operated business, we put our all on the line to provide fire safety.

That is why we use best-in-industry products such as Amerex.

This industry standard has been the forerunner in fire suppression systems since 1939. Amerex products are manufactured and designed to the strictest industry standards. That is why they are endorsed by approval agencies.

Amerex special hazard fire protection products include fire extinguishers and hand line units, pre-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and industrial systems, sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems, and a complete line of dry chemical, foam and gaseous extinguishing agents. AmeriSafe proudly offers these fire safety products and suppression systems.

Tacoma’s Premier Amerex Distributor

Having been trained in every part of the Amerex fire suppression systems, our technicians work with your facility to tailor a system that exceeds all local and federal requirements. Specializing in industry-specific needs, such as those of the restaurant business, AmeriSafe certified technicians know how to design an Amerex fire suppression system to for any business or residence.

The Best of the Best in Fire Suppression Systems

Taking into consideration size, occupancy, code requirements, and all other regulations, AmeriSafe fire safety technicians are experts in designing fire suppression systems. Using Amerex products means you have the best fire prevention and suppression products available, set up by the industry leaders in Western Washington. As regulations change and products are updated you can count on AmeriSafe Fire and Safety to have the latest knowledge.

Fire Suppression System Training and Maintenance

At AmeriSafe we understand that a fire suppression system works best when everyone knows how it works. Our technicians will stay on after an installation to train all relevant employees on how the system works and how to use each piece of equipment.

In addition we will track due dates for maintenance and schedule them with you when they come up. All Amerex products will remain in excellent working condition because AmeriSafe will ensure regular testing and inspection.

FM-200 or 3M Novec 1230 Clean Agent Pre-Engineered System

FM-200 or 3M Novec 1230 Clean Agent Pre-Engineered System Tacoma, WA

Utilizing the industry recognized FM-200 and 3M NOVEC 1230 suppression agents, Amerex has developed an affordable pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression system to protect areas with sensitive electrical equipment and valuable data. The modular design incorporates pre-assembled wiring harnesses and keyed locking connectors on all electrical components to assist you in a simple and confident installation. Electrical actuators are used for system actuation and can be reset reducing the number of components to be replaced during service after discharge. The Amerex CPS is monitored by an electrical control panel that has a battery back-up for 24 hour protection during power failure. Photoelectric smoke detectors are used for detection and are cross zoned to reduce the potential for unwanted system discharge. A bell and horn strobe device alarm when fire conditions are present. All electrical circuits are supervised and factory terminated.

Amerex Clean Agent System with FM200

Paint Booth and Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Paint Booth and Industrial Fire Suppression Systems Tacoma, WA

Our innovative fire extinguisher and automatic system designs have prevented damage and loss that would have been caused by the ravages of fire. Costs associated with lost production time, equipment replacement and “business interruption” are a concern for any industry. In keeping with the Amerex tradition of concern for the customer, the Amerex “IS” has been designed to offer the best fire protection available and we do it with less. Less equipment means less time to install, less time to service and fewer nozzles to locate (and get in your way). All of this could translate into lower initial cost and lower maintenance cost over the life of the system.

Paint Booth and Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Small Bus Systems

Small Bus Systems Tacoma, WA

The Amerex Small Vehicle System (SMVS) is designed specifically for use with front engine vehicles such as Para-Transit, Airport Shuttle and other small front engine applications.

The SMVS kit includes all hardware components required for a complete turn-key Automatic Fire Suppression System.

The electronics portion of the system is made up of a Vehicle Operator Display with Manual Release Pushbutton, a wiring Interface Module, and two Solid State Heat Detectors.

The system is continuously supervised for proper operation. If a trouble condition is present, the Operator Display indicates a diagnostic Service System LED. In the event of a Fire condition, Automatic Fire System actuation occurs, an audible alarm sounds, a Fire LED illuminates and an internal relay is energized. The Control Panel features visual LED system status indicators, a silenceable audible alarm. Backup power is supplied by a standard 9 volt alkaline battery.

The Fire Suppression System is FM approved. The electronics also carry CE Type approval.

Typical Applications

  • Para-Transit Vehicles
  • Medical, Fire and Rescue Vehicles
  • Armored Transit Vehicles
  • Parcel Delivery Vehicles
  • Rental Transport Vehicles
  • Shuttle Mini-Bus, Van
  • Vending Delivery Vehicles
  • Cut-A-Way Van
  • Other Front Engine Vehicle Applications

Small Bus Systems PDF

Methane Gas Detection AMGADS III

Methane Gas Detection AMGADS III Tacoma, WA

AMGADS III (Amerex Mobile Gas Detection System – 3rd Generation) gas monitoring system is a pre-engineered system designed to be utilized on any type of alternately fueled vehicle. The system can be installed by the vehicle OEM or retrofitted. Its advanced technology can detect: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Propane (LPG), Hydrogen and any other hydrocarbon fuel vapors.

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