Fire Suppression System Inspection Tacoma, WA

Fire Suppression System Inspection

Fire Suppression System Inspection Tacoma, WA

Fire suppression system inspection in Tacoma is a significant part of fire safety. Once a fire suppression system has been installed by AmeriSafe, it needs to be maintained. Our family-owned, local business is invested in keeping Tacoma safe. As your neighbors in the greater Western Washington area, we are invested in the safety of the region. We put our 25 years of experience as certified fire safety experts to work when we inspect a fire suppression system.

Once installed, fire suppression equipment needs to be checked and maintained. Businesses such as restaurants and rental homes each need to adhere to specific county, state, and federal requirements for such inspections.

At AmeriSafe we are aware of all applicable requirements pertaining to your facility. Our staff will keep a record your facility’s inspection due dates. We will call to remind you when a fire suppression system inspection is about to be due. Our technicians will work with you to find and schedule the next possible convenient time for an inspection.

Tacoma Fire Suppression System Inspection Expertise

Amerex Fire Suppression System Inspection Tacoma, WA

All our fire safety technicians are certified and trained on every bit of equipment that goes into your fire suppression system. They meticulously inspect every inch of every part of your fire suppression system. These technicians will keep your business informed of any updates or changes made in your fire suppression system. While they are there, the technicians are happy to answer any questions you have or go over any fire safety training.

Documenting Fire Suppression System Inspection

  • Each step of the fire suppression system inspection is accurately documented.
  • We provide you with a copy of this documentation for your own record-keeping.
  • When a fire marshal comes to inspect your facility, your AmeriSafe Fire and Safety documentation will satisfy all requirements for documentation on your fire suppression system.

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