Fire Supression System Installation Tacoma, WA

Fire Supression System Installation

Paint Booth and Industrial Fire Suppression System Installation Tacoma WA

Safety is a serious undertaking. AmeriSafe Fire and Safety has been serious about fire suppression system installation in Tacoma since 2001. As a full-service fire suppression company we have a fire safety solution to fit your unique needs.

Every fire suppression system installation begins with an inspection. Our qualified technicians have the expertise to review your fire safety needs as it relates to your specific location. We identify the best placement for smoke and gas detectors, fire extinguishers, alarms, and discharge nozzles—all with an eye for the most unobtrusive, yet effective location.

Tacoma Fire Suppression Installation Experts

Our fire safety experts will assess the needs of your home or business according to size and other relevant factors. They also account for all the fire safety requirements that relate to your type of business and building. Fire regulations exist for everything from building codes, to type of business, to size of occupancy and more.

Our fire safety technicians stay up-to-date, to the minute, as these codes change and are updated. We guarantee that our products and fire suppression installations meet these codes and requirements. After an assessment, we will discuss which fire suppression system is the best fit for your facility.

Fire Suppression System Installation Know-how

FM-200 or 3M Novec 1230 Clean Agent Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System Installation Tacoma, WA

After installing a fire suppression system installation in Tacoma, our fire safety experts will stay to train all personnel. We will not leave until you are experts on your own fire safety system. Each feature and all possible scenarios will be gone over until everyone feels completely comfortable, knowing where and how to implement the fire suppression system.

Continued Support

You can count on AmeriSafe Fire and Safety to support you after a fire safety system has been installed. Call us with any questions or concerns.

  • We are happy to keep you informed on how your system works.
  • We also offer regular inspection and maintenance of the system and equipment.
  • A certification of the inspection is provided for your records.

Contact AmeriSafe Fire and Safety to ask about a fire suppression system installation today.