First Aid & Safety Tacoma, WA

First Aid, Safety Products and Training

First Aid and Safety Products Tacoma, WA

Amerisafe Inc. Fire & Safety is proud to carry a full line of first aid supplies and tablet medications.

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First Aid & Safety Products

First Aid and Safety Products Tacoma, WA

Help your employees feel better and stay productive and on-the-job with First Aid Only products. Most of our products are available in several package sizes, to suit your particular usage needs. Individual dose, tamper-evident packets provide an added barrier of protection by helping keep moisture and light out. First Aid Only products have colorful, easy-dispensing boxes making it easy to tell what product you’re using at a simple glance. These non-drowsy formula tablets all meet ANSI standards. One of your best investments to reduce costly accidents and keep employees on the job.

First Aid Tacoma, WA | AmeriSafe

  • First aid stations
  • Bulk first aid kits
  • ANSI kits
  • Special industrial kits
  • First responder kits
  • Compliant packages
  • Unitized refills
  • Tablets
  • Name brand medications
  • Wound care
  • Tapes and wraps
  • Cold & hot products
  • Burn care
  • Eye Care
  • Hearing Protection
  • Bloodborne Pathogen/Personal Protection Kits
  • BBP/PP Products
  • CPR Products and Kits
  • Oxygen Units
  • Outdoor Preparedness
  • Consumer Kits

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Fire Equipment Training

Fire Equipment Training Tacoma, WA

We have a training team that is dedicated to educating you and your staff. We will teach you how to use the fire equipment in any commercial structure. Our training isn’t just show and tell—it’s hands-on. Training consists of classroom time and time in the field putting out an actual controlled fire.

Our training team is one of the best in the business. We have helped many companies train their employees on how to use fire equipment safely. We can accommodate classes of up to 20 people and can even hold 2 classes a day. Please contact AmeriSafe Fire & Safey for more information and pricing.

Some of the classes we offer are:

Fire Equipment Training Classes - Tacoma, WA | AmeriSafe

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hoses
  • Hood Suppression Systems
  • Paint Booth Suppression Systems
  • Clean Agent Suppression Systems
  • Proper Evacuation Procedures
  • Proper Apparatus Usage
  • Proper Placement of Equipment
  • And many more…