Hydrostatic Testing Olympia, WA

Hydrostatic Testing

Pressure Guage Hydrostatic Testing Olympia, WA

Hydrostatic testing is an important and well-regulated requirement for fire extinguishers. AmeriSafe Fire and Safety offers hydrostatic testing in Olympia as part of a full-service, 13-point fire extinguisher inspection. Whether you have a large commercial facility, an apartment complex, or an individual home, AmeriSafe fire safety inspection experts can make sure your fire extinguishers are fully functional and up to code.

Hydrostatic Testing in Olympia: Why Is it Necessary?

Fire extinguishers house a good deal of pressure. This pressure needs to be maintained in order for the extinguisher to function properly. Over time it is possible for the pressure to warp the shell, create a leak, or simply weaken. When AmeriSafe performs hydrostatic testing it eliminates any possibility of dysfunction in a fire extinguisher, ensuring that if it needs to be used it will work.

How Does Hydrostatic Testing Work?

When the strength and efficiency of a fire extinguisher is tested it is filled with water and placed in a test jacket. The test jacket is also filled with water. The cylinder is inspected for leaks and the pressure is measured. As the water is released the performance of the extinguisher continues to be measured.

A visual inspection of the cylinder is also made, checking for corrosion, denting, or other performance-inhibiting concerns.

Olympia Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Hydrostatic testing is part of the 13-point fire extinguisher service check performed by AmeriSafe Fire and Safety. Each point of testing is documented for a full maintenance history. This documentation is both for your peace of mind as well as keeping fire extinguishers in Olympia up to code. The fire extinguisher certification we offer will satisfy all governing agencies in regard to fire extinguisher requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Safety and Training

D.O.T. Hydrostatic Testing Tacoma, WA

AmeriSafe tracks and schedules fire safety maintenance and testing. We can also answer questions and instruct employees and residents on how to use your extinguisher.

We can perform tests on a variety of high pressure tanks and cylinders…

  • SCUBA Tanks
  • SCBA Tanks
  • CO 2 Tanks
  • Oxygen tanks
  • All High Pressures cylinders

Contact AmeriSafe today to schedule your 13-point fire extinguisher inspection and hydrostatic testing in Olympia.