Hydrostatic Testing Tacoma, WA

Hydrostatic Testing

Amerex Fire Extinguishers Tacoma, WA

As a major part of fire suppression safety, a fire extinguisher must be tested and maintained. Hydrostatic testing in Tacoma is a required and important part of servicing an extinguisher. It is one part of a 13-point portable fire extinguisher service check AmeriSafe Fire and Safety will complete when servicing a fire extinguisher. Our fire safety experts care about keeping you, your residents, and patrons safe and protected in the event of a fire. We ensure that whether you end up using your fire extinguisher or not, it will always be at the ready.

Hydrostatic Testing in Tacoma: Why Is it Necessary?

A fire extinguishers and its hose are continually under pressure. As such, they are susceptible to leaks, changes in pressure, and weakening of the integrity of the cylinder. The cylinder may also be exposed to conditions that encourage rust and corrosion. Hydrostatic testing reviews all areas of a fire extinguisher’s pressure and effectiveness. The other 12 points in our 13-point fire extinguisher service check ensure the extinguisher is in excellent working condition.

What Happens in Hydrostatic Testing?

During hydrostatic testing a fire extinguisher is filled with water. It is then placed in a test jacket that is also filled with water. They extinguisher is pressurized to tested for leaks, losses in pressure, or areas where the extinguisher may be deformed. The pressure of the extinguisher is measured to ensure that it falls within an acceptable range.

Tacoma Fire Extinguisher Inspection

D.O.T. Hydrostatic Testing Tacoma, WA

Hydrostatic testing is an important part of fire extinguisher inspection. Our 13-point full-service inspection will ensure that your fire extinguishers are safe and ready to use. Inspections include cleaning, checking the mounting brackets are secure, weighing, and more. We carefully document each point and supply a certification for your records. The inspection, testing, and documentation will satisfy all regulating agencies that your extinguishers are up to code.

We can perform tests on a variety of high pressure tanks and cylinders…

  • SCUBA Tanks
  • SCBA Tanks
  • CO 2 Tanks
  • Oxygen tanks
  • All High Pressures cylinders


Contact AmeriSafe today to set up a hydrostatic testing in Tacoma. Let us ensure your safety with a 13-point fire extinguisher safety inspection.