Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Olympia, WA

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Tacoma, WA

AmeriSafe Fire and Safety has been specializing in Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems in Olympia since 2001. However, our experience as restaurant fire safety experts goes back over 25 years.

Restaurants have specific code requirements and unique fire suppression needs. Our fire safety experts understand these needs inside and out. We can tailor the specific fire suppression system necessary to keep your restaurant safe and passing regulations. We are able to install new systems, complete regular inspections, and offer documentation to satisfy regulating agencies.

Amerex Products

We proudly service Amerex fire suppression systems. Amerex is a top-of-the-line name in fire safety products. Amerex products include fire extinguishers and other hand-held units, pre-engineered restaurant systems, advanced fire detection and suppression systems, and a comprehensive line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.

Olympia Restaurant Fire Suppression Installation and Training

Basic Restaurant Fire Suppression System Layout Tacoma, WA

AmeriSafe Fire and Safety is a complete restaurant fire safety service. Before an installation we thoroughly inspect a premises. From there we design a complete fire suppression system that fits your specific facility.

Factoring in square footage, capacity, proximity of kitchen appliances, and every aspect of relevant fire safety codes, we design a unique fire suppression system for your restaurant.

We handle all aspects of the installation and do not leave until employees know how it works. Restaurant works are welcome to call with questions even after the installation is complete.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Inspection in Olympia

Fire safety inspection is a required necessity in the restaurant business. Keeping employees and patrons safe as well as regulating agencies and insurance companies satisfied is an ongoing effort. AmeriSafe fire safety inspection technicians have the expertise to ensure your restaurant stays up to code and has the documentation to prove it.

  • We keep track of scheduling inspections for you.
  • All products and systems are tested and inspected from beginning to end.
  • After an inspection AmeriSafe will communicate our findings and ensure that you are kept in the loop.

For your restaurant fire suppression inspection in Olympia, contact AmeriSafe today.